Starting off with guitar drones in 2010, DRNTTCKS have refined their sound throughout the years embracing influences from noise, doom, kraut / kosmische musik, dub, experimental. DRNTTCKS is a two member project committed to live improvisations. Endure Freeform.

// News //

( 1 )   We are contributing to the compilation "For the Lack of Better Word" which is released on Otomatik Muziek in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. All proceeds will go directly to Frankenkonvoi, a help organization which works directly at the Polish-Ukranian / Romanian-Ukrainian borders (and, as of now, have found a direct way to deliver goods into Charkiv). These people do a fucking great job at taking direct action and help where GO’s and multinational help organizations lose time and money due to their structures and systems.

"For The Lack Of Better Words" will be released as a digital-only compilation to keep costs as low as possible.

Most of these 21 tracks were composed in the wake of the russian war against the people of Ukraine. Musically, the sampler also represents a beginner's guide into the OM universe - from OM house band DRNTTCKS to artists like Night Foundation or Kirsche von Bubach, who had already released tapes on OM, to members of the extended family like Phantom Horse or Son Of Buzzi, from the ASMR drones of René Margraff to a skeletal chanson by Laure Boer, from the gut-wrenching noise of en creux to the psych-jazz of Family Underground. There's a dubbed-out folk miniature delivered by Red On, or the polyrhythmic saxophone excursions of Schweben; Joachim Nordwall comes around with a utopian/dystopian modular meltdown, while Lisa Pulsatilla and Jeremy Young deliver a strangely beautiful piece of flute/tape music and Savvas Metaxas shakes the ground with the endless minimal drop of "Sun" while Levels' Lool2Luul unfolds the speculative fiction of "Air Formation 2".

Plus, the whole compilation got an extra audiophile mastering from Martin Thompson of SM-LL.

You can find it >here<.

( 2 )   Still quite fresh is our release "Nein + Nein" on Otomatik Muziek which was released on January 14th, 2022, featuring stunning artwork from Dicey Studios:

"What is no+no? Is it a definitive no to the madness and decay of democracy surrounding us? Is it a negative yes to another reality? Is it an affirmation of a change to come? Somewhere between feedback loops, pitched down vocals, distorted dub, cosmic synths, primitive beats and drone guitars there might be an answer.

On their 6th release, DRNTTCKS for the first time deviated from their usual practice of recording all sessions directly and just editing around edges. During the lockdowns they found themselves in a situation wholly different to their improv approach - alone in the rehearsal room, they listened to what the other has recorded. All based on lose structures that were conceived during the last row of live shows before the shit hit the fan, these songs took shape brick by brick/take by take, resulting in a much more straight forward, defined sound which received an additional heavyweight fidelity treatment from OLO Mastering Berlin.

The freeform noise surfaces of past releases fade into the background in favor of slowed-down proto-techno beats and repetitive bass lines, catching the harsh, immersive vibe of DRNTTCKS' pre-pandemic live concerts, and function as the sonic equivalent of the quagmire of chaos we reside in."

Review by "Was ist das?" - thanks a lot!


// Live //

No shows planned for the moment.

// Releases //

DRNTTCKS releases can be found on tape via Otomatik Muziek, Grisaille Records and Industrial Coast as well as digitally on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp.

прекратить войну / For The Lack Of Better Words - A Compilation In Solidarity With The People Of Ukraine / Digital Album / Otomatik Muziek

Mama Was A White Birch, Daddy Was A German Oak / Tape / Grisaille Records #57 / SOLD OUT

Existenz ist ein Traum den man nicht zu sehr beleuchten darf / Various Artists - "Blurred" / Tape / Grisaille Records #50 / SOLD OUT

Nein + Nein / Tape / Otomatik Muziek #27

White Gaze / Tape / Industrial Coast / SOLD OUT

Es ist alles so schön / Tape / Otomatik Muziek #4 / SOLD OUT

Mitten / Tape / Otomatik Muziek #2 / SOLD OUT

Rat-À-Tête / FFFF / Tape / Magnetic Purely #6

Lichtschacht / Shoobie go home! / Digital Album / doubledotdash!?
Mass Gainer / We wrecked this city / Tape / Magnetic Purely #2

dis|play / CD-R / Fake #2 / SOLD OUT

White Static / 2x CD-R / Fake #1 / SOLD OUT

"Ibuprofane Existence" (Nein+Nein / 2021)
The video for the track "Ibuprofane Existence" from album "Nein+Nein" was drafted and executed by digital artist Martin Müller aka Dicey Studios. Thanks to I-Chieh Pan.

"Infinite Cop (Version)" (White Gaze / 2019)
The video for the track "Infinite Cop (Version)" from album "White Gaze" was drafted and executed by digital artists Karin Kolb and Felix Neumann:

// Past //

Pracht / Leipzig w/ Andrew Bernstein

Space Between / Nürnberg w/ Andrew Bernstein

Otomatik Muziek Labelfest Pt. 1 w/ Kirsche von Bubach, S.L.R., Fließgewässer, Nils Quak / Desi / Nürnberg

Otomatik Muziek Labelfest Pt. 2 w/ Buck Moon, Günter Schlienz, Zebularin / Z-Bau / Nürnberg

Noise Gedöns Festival w/ Sisto Rossi, Stubenhexe, Hager/Kaputt / Fragmente / Wiesbaden

Die Schute / Hamburg w/ Function Level Marker

Kultur im Bunker / Bremen w/ Function Level Marker

Hole of Fame / Dresden w/ Function Level Marker

It's Isn't Happening Festival / Auf AEG / Nürnberg

Kellerperle / Würzburg w/ ZEMENT

Schmidtstock / Sennfeld w/ ZEMENT, Hildegard von Binge Drinking, Datashock

Makroscope / Mühlheim w/ Müde

ChaCha & Tantra / Cologne

K4 / Nürnberg w/ Nadja

Heute / Sommerkollektion / Nürnberg

Heute / Nürnberg w/ MOMBU

Desi / Nürnberg w/ Pretty Lightning

Hemdendienst / Nürnberg w/ Schrein

Misty Mountain / Lillinghof w/ Electric Electric, Broken Heart Collector, ШАХТЁР, Schnaak et al.

quellkollektiv / Sommerkollektion / Nürnberg

K4 / Nürnberg w/ Pillowdiver, Hering und seine sieben Sachen

Cairo / Würzburg w/ Umberto, Hering und seine sieben Sachen

K4 / Nürnberg w/ Pete Swanson, Florian von Ameln

Endzeit-Festival / K4 / Nürnberg

Xyeahx Sommerfest / Cairo / Würzburg w/ Pengpengpenguin, Harke, Pretty Lightning

Neues Museum / Nürnberg w/ Greg Haines

MUZ / Nürnberg w/ Highspeed Nosebleed

Kafe Kunst Fest / Kafe Kult / München w/ Hall

Human Rights Film Festival / Nürnberg

B:EAST / Nürnberg

K4 / Nürnberg w/ Zs, Honig-Rumpeln-Gummo-Big Band

K4 / Nürnberg w/ Mouse On The Keys

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